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Stop by our farm stand and purchase $50 and be automatically entered to win a memorable dining experience featuring the freshest and most flavorful local foods available!

We’ll be giving away 3 sets of tickets this summer! Each Max Chef to Farm dinner includes hors d’oeuvres and wine or beer-tasting, a tour of the farm, and a candle-lit dinner, cooked from scratch to showcase the day’s best produce. All ingredients are sources from local farmers, ranchers, and fisherman.

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Pork Products


With the success of our beef program in the local community, many folks asked us about where to source all-natural, humanely raised pork products. In 2011, we opened our barns to raising Berkshire-bred pork. Known for their impeccable meat quality and flavor, we raise our Berkshire hogs with the same principles and philosophy as we do our Hereford beef. 

Guaranteed all natural, hormone and anti-biotic free, our Berkshire hogs are raised in indoor-outdoor facilities and have access to rooting pens. As always, animal husbandry and clean facilities are cornerstones for our livestock programs. We feel by having superior genetic hogs and raising them in the most natural manner, we can provide our customers with the best in locally grown, humanely-raised pork.

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